The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely.
C.G. Jung (via kksqueaker)
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Frankie's Manager →


So, Frankie’s manager is a Hollywood talent manager based in LA, which should tell us something about the other fun stuff that is in the works for Frankie. 😉

He also went to the same college as Frankie, but not at the same time. He graduated in 2000 and Frankie in 2005.

He’s also been named as one of today’s leading Hollywood managers. See this link -

He works for Untitled Entertainment and they have a number of A list clients. (Madonna, Demi Moore, Kate Hudson). Click here for more -

Bottom line - this is a BIG deal for Frankie! Having this guy as a manager is going to open a lot if doors for him and I’m so excited to see it!!!!!!


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Spot the idiots

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 Inaki Soria

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He is beaming! and glowing like a pregnant woman!

they totally made out in jury

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aw yeah Joan replied to me on twitter

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Wanna know what makes me curious into the rennix stuff?

I do think there’s a game of telephone playing out here, but it’s almost like… there are assumptions being made, but them being put out into the public consciousness is slowly revealing that… maybe, just maybe.. the assumptions aren’t off?

There’s been rumors around that all follow the same thought - jill made zach cancel disney, she’s keeping the two away, she’s nervous that F+Z may become something more, etc.

Rennix’s whole thing is weird cause it’s the only rumor where.. he’s actually claiming Zach came out. The context of that could be lost. Maybe they mean Zach came out as wanting to do more with Frankie? I don’t think Zach is gay. I don’t think Zach thinks he’s gay, but is it that odd to imagine that he may at least want to explore his attraction and love for Frankie - both of which Frankie let slip as admitted to him by ZACH himself in F’s Out interview?

Cause the thought is just.. at this point, the weird behavior points to interference. And not just our assumptions. The jurors have let it slip that F&Z’s stories about jury are false and that they were all over each other in jury. Lauren’s behavior towards Jill on Twitter during the FL trip was weird. Joan’s behavior today was weird. The Jill & Kevin stuff is weird. Frankie’s public declarations for Zach to come see his show are weird. It’s like, I get why to so many people this sounds fucking crazy and fucking fictional bullshit, but when the writing on the wall keeps repeating itself, what’s the line where it can’t just be coincidence? To where EVERYONE is seeing it? To where most people agree that any sane person would have cleared out such horrible rumors by now if they weren’t at least a little true??

So if the interference is super likely…. then why is it still there? It’s hard for me to imagine Zach & Frankie would have people interfering in then meeting up if Zach had already declared he’s 100% straight / sees Frankie as only a friend AND that his family believes it because.. then what’s the issue? What happened to all those plans of “world domination” Jill talked about and gushing about her super progressive son she wanted to show the world that straight men could be friends with gay men and also use Frankie for networking? Does what she considers 100% straight no longer apply to her young Zachary? Like, what could have happened?

I’m ranting at this point and it makes no sense, but it’s just like… there’s so many connections not meeting up, so many blank pieces for odd reasons. And it’s just like - if the hypothetical was AS ridiculous as his family and MC make it out to be… wouldn’t normal people address it and shoot it down by now? Wouldn’t things that are planned go thru as planned? If EVERYONE thinks behavior is weird, then surely it is?

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Last Night in Ferguson (10.21.14): A state senator was arrested (and mama may have been legally packing), one of the lead organizers, nettaaaaaaaa, was roughed up by police, and one of the main sources of footage/live feeds, Rebel Z, was detained in what seems to have been an intimidation and straight up harassment tactic. The police are out of control, and it’s only getting worse. If you think this is over, you need to look again. #staywoke #farfromover

Ferguson is still happening. Are you still paying attention?

Tune into Z’s UStream tonight to watch developments live. 

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I would like to take this time to say fuck you to everyone who ever doubted that frankie would have a successful career after big brother. he has a manager that is known in the business, he’s gonna be getting amazing opportunities, he’s GOING BACK TO FUCKING BROADWAY. like I just ugh I’m so proud of him it’s unreal. bae is slaying everything and haters can stay pressed bc he’s not going anywhere.

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