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They’re all saying who they miss and Frankie says he misses Zach.

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Bae knows something is up. :’(

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Make it even more obvious Caleb omg

One look at Frankie’s face and it’s obvious he knows something’s up. Which you know. If you stay completely silent when he’s in the room and don’t look him in the eye that makes it pretty obvious. Caleb is such a bad liar ugh

at least if the plan follows through he won’t be totally surprised tomorrow ):

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I took a couple of hours out of my day to be on a panel for Young Author’s Day, an event put on by the Pacific Northwest Writer’s Association. I was invited to join by John Lustig, who I feel very lucky to call my friend and mentor. We answered the usual questions about the writing process and how we broke into comics, but I was even more intrigued by the audience. Notice something about them?

Yeah. GIRLS. Very. Young. Girls.

So I asked THEM some questions. “How many of you read comics?”

All hands went up.

"How many of you want to make comics some day?"

Most of the hands went up.

Here’s where it really got interesting. “How many of you BUY comics?”

Only one hand raised. I asked her where she buys her comics. She said, “At the comic book store.”

"Do you have a comic book store you like going to?" I asked.

She hesitated. “It’s complicated.”

That’s 10 year-old speak for “I have to go there to get comics but the store makes me uncomfortable.” The rest of them read webcomics. None of them had heard of Comixology before, but they knew all about it by the time the panel was over. What comic would they like to see most? Minecraft. Only Steve needs to be a girl.

It was a fascinating experience, especially in the wake of this article detailing why girls in the 1980s (like me and one of the moms nodding eagerly in the audience) stopped buying comics for 20 years.

The future of comics is bright indeed.

This is absolutely wonderful.

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kiss me kiss me cover my body in love
by Tracey Emin

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It annoys me to no end when people believe everything they read on here without double-checking or anything. Especially when it’s about someone they hate, like, please know that there’s a possibility that they’re not giving any context, twist words, or just blatantly lie?



frankie hasn’t watched any episode of bb. he just admitted to nicole that he just looked up bb on wikipedia and memorized winners and facts

I’m pretty sure he watches the show? He had a YouTube video last year with Nick Uhas from BB15 and in it he said he loves Big Brother. He also has a “10 Things You May Not Know About Frankie” video and one of the ten facts is that he’s a huge reality tv fan. Also, when he called Ariana to tell her the news about him being on the show, she was like, “Oh my god, you love that show!” Plus in his HOH blogs he has described himself as a BB “super fan”. Idk. I know for a fact he’s a huge Survivor fan and auditioned to be on it twice. He’s mentioned something about how he went to a Survivor finale and somebody suggested that he should try auditioning for BB, since Survivor had been a bust. So I think BB was definitely his second choice and he’s probably not a super fan or anything, but I’m pretty sure he watched the show before he found out he made it on it. Idk why he would lie to Nicole about it but that’s just my two cents.

All of the above, yeah. 
And op, please get your facts straight/don’t twist words. actually he just said he hasn’t watched the earlier seasons, as a response to Nicole also saying she’s never seen the first few seasons. He did look up a lot of info on wikipedia for every season to make flashcards to remember ever little thing about every season just in case (because on survivor they apparently had a mental comp about previous seasons) because even when you’ve watched them over the years there are obviously things you forget over time.

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I think derrick doesnt want frankie out because that would mean he lost 2 members of team america in 2 weeks so he would basically look like an ass


Leaking nudes is a form of sexual assault
Accessing and spreading a woman’s private images without her consent is a form of sexual assault

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